Types of Garage Door Openers

In times past garage doors were operated manually. They could only be lifted by holding the handle which is found at the bottom of the garage door and put up to open the garage door and to close it you repeat the steps. Later on, In order to operate the garage door, some types of traditional garage door openers were used which were invented in the 1920s. These openers facilitate the user to open or close the garage door using a remote control or a switch that was mounted on the wall of garage. Nowadays, there are several types of garage door openers available in the market. To know more about garage door openers, https://cincinnatiohiogaragedoor.com/garage-door-openers/ visit the website.

  • Belt driven garage door opener:

The belt garage door opener is not as a nosier device as the chain-driven opener. They are ideal for the attached garage that is located below or next to the living room. These types of garage door openers are durable, stronger, and efficient than the chain-driven opener. This is why; many people prefer this type of opener. These devices are designed with a rubber belt instead of a steel chain opener. 

  • Chain driven garage door opener:

This is one of the cheapest and commonly used openers. This type of opener is easy to install and used because it is made from a metal chain connected to the motor of the opener. They are quite nosier devices. You can activate it with the help of remote control or a wall-placed switch. When the main switch is turned on the opener with the help of a shaft and sprocket chain, will lift the garage door smoothly. Normally the main switch is installed on the inside or outside the wall of the garage.

  • Screw driven garage door opener:

They are also known as electric automatic garage door openers. A direct-drive motor operates the opener. It lifts the garage door using a threaded steel rod. It functions when the motor of the opener is switched on with the support of belts or chains so there is no noise at all. It is the latest model of garage door openers which has good speed than other previously stated models. Its high speed, quietness in operations, and efficiency make it demanding.

While looking for the right garage door opener, you should check the power you are going to need to operate your garage door. If you have a standard-sized garage door then a small motor will be enough but if you have a large double garage door, then you will need a high-capacity motor with at least ½ HP.  You should look for a model that offers great safety features.

These security mechanisms will stop your garage door from closing if something is interrupting the path of the electronic beam. It stops and reopens the garage door to avoid accidents that could be serious. Another valuable safety feature might be rolling code technology. It changes the passcode of the garage door each time you activate it. It will also prevent crossed signals with other garage doors in your surrounding and protect your password or security code. Try to find out the simplest and efficient one that fits your need, budget, and preferences.