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Little Change, Big Difference

The development of technology over time have contributed to us living in a more convenient lifestyle. Nowadays, almost everything is instant, from the household products we buy to the clothes we wear, even down to the food we eat. Gone were those days when we have to make wine of our own just to have it on our dining table. Now, with just trip to the supermarket or even the convenience store would give us everything we need in our everyday lives. Easier? Yes. But at what cost. The price we have to pay for this is the degradation of our environment. Whether we fully grasp the impact of the modernization to the environment or not, it doesn’t matter. The ...
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Watermelon Pickles. APRIL 19

On my to-do list: Make watermelon pickles! I didn’t grow any watermelon in my garden this year. But I was reminded about the pickles just yesterday so I went to my sisters to hunt down the recipe. Thankfully, my sister Melissa had it pretty handy. I thought I would post it here for posterity and I will add some pictures when I get an opportunity to give it a whirl. This is my grandma, Mary Hermenitt’s, recipe… Watermelon Pickles 2 lbs of watermelon rind (7 Cups cut) 2 Cups Vinegar 2 Cups Water 4 Cups Sugar 1 stick Cinnamon 1 tsp. Whole Cloves 1 tsp. Whole Allspice 1 Lemon, sliced thin Plus salt for brine as described below Pare rind ...
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Welcome to the Earth Sheltered Site! This may be a personal site for everyone, but my main goal is to inform and give people some information on earth sheltering that they may be missing! If you want to correct me in some information I included here, feel free to do so. I make this a freedom blog for everyone. After all, many heads are better than one. I am also the first to admit that I do not know everything, and what little I do know is simply based on my experience and my reading about the subject. But what is true is that I love the earth sheltering. WHO AM I? I am Michelle, the author of this blog ...
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