Pictures Rails, Gallery Shelves, Picture Ledge

by Admin | February 19th, 2012

Pictures Rails, Gallery Shelves, Picture Ledge – Yep, all those!  They go by many names.  I wanted them!

I got them!

Hickory Gallery Shelves

These were made with (2) 6ft 1x4s and (2) 6ft 1x1s, which give a lip for the pictures to lean against.  We attached them to the wall with L brackets which are hidden behind the pictures.  This is an easy project for reusing left over wood around your house.  We didn’t have any left overs but still a really cheap project.

Below is an old ladder that we once again attached to the wall with L brackets.


2 Responses to “Pictures Rails, Gallery Shelves, Picture Ledge”

  1. Mari Jo Thompson says:

    Love, love the ladder picture holder! Just found your website, and love the idea of an underground house. Only one I ever saw was one on way to our cottage between wayland and middleville, mi. really like the energy saving idea of underground living, and I saw online some beautiful homes. I could only afford 1/9 th of the ones they showed! Lol. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in the house!

    • Thank you! My 7 yr old son just said the other day, “I think my favorite thing in this house is the ladder shelf!”

      We have lots of new things coming this spring! Stay tuned. Lol

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