Garage Door Repair Service from a Reputable Company Is a Must

The garage door is a combination of several moving components. There are multiple parts fitted inside the machine to facilitate it in automatic and smooth functioning. The regular use and frequent movement of the garage door result in wear and tear and often malfunctioning.

Garage door repair is a hard and complicated job to be handled using DIY techniques, even when dealing with small issues. The best alternative to keep the garage door in a good working position is to hire a professional garage door repair company. There are plenty of advantages of hiring professional services as they provide a wide range of valuable services to make sure that your garage door will be fixed at a very affordable cost. These garage door companies have trained, qualified, and experienced staff to perform repair or maintenance services to keep your garage door in a good functioning state for a longer period of time and eliminating the possibilities of malfunctioning and damages. Click on the link to learn more about garage door services.

One of the most common problems faced by the people are rotten or damaged sections, broken torsion springs, dents causing friction, jammed garage door, shaking movements, and loud sounds while operations. Garage door technicians have the right skills and abilities to fix any problem in no time. They will also provide you effective suggestions to take care of critical situations.

The certified garage door companies also offer warranties on their services to give you assurance of trust and reliability. It is quite important that you opt for the services of a qualified, registered, and experienced garage door company to manage the problems efficiently. These professional companies have the right tools, parts, and equipment to replace any part of the mechanism with the right ones.

Sometimes, major problems of garage door leave untreated which will become worst. In such situations, garage door replacement is mandatory. When you go with the garage door replacement, you may have plenty of options ranging from economical roller shutter metal garage door to the customized carriage-style wooden garage door. In these situations, it is always important to opt for the advantages of experienced and professional garage door services to manage the garage door installation process. They will also help you in buying high quality and efficient garage door for your home.  

 You may get professional garage door services to get back your garage door in tip-top position. Some companies offer round the clock services and have registered dealers in different zones to better serve the customers in minimum time. Many of them have years of experience in the market and have been created their own techniques to deal with the problems of the garage door to ensure maximum results. You can choose residential or commercial garage door repair services according to your needs and requirements.

The Internet is the right place to discover a right and reliable garage door contractor. Spending a little time on the internet can help you to find out the best and reliable garage door services in your locality.

It is also recommended that compare the services of different companies for cost-effectiveness and quality results. It is also good to make sure that the garage door company you have chosen is properly insured, licensed, and accredited accordingly. Keep in mind that a well-functional and efficient garage door plays an important role in the security and energy efficiency of your home. So, don’t delay the garage door repair and maintenance project.

Garage Doors – Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Garage door is heavy and complicated equipment that should be installed by professional garage door technicians like, Tempe garage door repair services in order to get the best performance in the long run. It can be a handy device especially if you have attached the garage. If you find yourself in hard weather when you came home at night and feel a little bit insecure, a well-functional garage door can be a blessing for you. You can install an overhead garage door according to your budget and needs.

Once you have installed a garage door for your home then you will have to know more about the importance of garage door maintenance. It is good to inspect, clean, lubricate, and maintain the garage door periodically to keep it in its good working position. In case of minor garage door problems, you can fix them by yourself using DIY techniques and handy tools. But if you feel that garage door problems are beyond your capabilities, there are plenty of professional garage door companies that offer you 24/7 services in case of any emergency. Their professional trained, educated, and skilled staff can assist you with regards to garage door installation, repair, maintenance, and replacement.

Garage door repair or replacement should be done by the professional garage door contractor especially when it comes to overhead garage door and electric garage door opener. If you have decided to handle it on your own, you have no guarantee that you will be to complete it correctly. But if you hire a professional garage door expert, you can rest assured that your garage door repair and replacement task is conducted by a highly trained and skilled professional who can handle the according to your specifications. They will provide you expert opinion to keep your garage door and its important components like opener and spring well-maintained in order to avoid costly repairs.

Simple tests on a garage door can help you to determine the functionality of your garage door. Due to constant vibration and continuous operations, the moving parts of the garage door can become loose. You will have to tighten the screws, bolts, and nuts within the metal mounting brackets. Garage door springs should be adjusted to maintain their stretch and tension. It is probably a critical task depending on the type of garage door; therefore, you will have to call a professional garage door company to handle this work. 

Another important thing which you will have done is the inspection of the pulleys and rollers. An overhead garage door needs a good roller and pulley system which should be kept in a good working position to work at their best. If they get rusted or damaged, they should be replaced immediately.

In addition to this, inspect the tracks of the garage door periodically. Badly bent garage door tracks should be replaced as soon as possible. Then test the alignment of the garage door, if the tracks are not aligned properly, lose the screws and re-position the tracks to adjust them. Tightened the screws to make the tracks secure.

Having a well-functional garage door can add convenience to your life. Consult the professional garage door repair company to install, maintain, or repair the garage door. Remember, they offer 24/7 emergency services to help you anytime.


Little Change, Big Difference

The development of technology over time have contributed to us living in a more convenient lifestyle. Nowadays, almost everything is instant, from the household products we buy to the clothes we wear, even down to the food we eat. Gone were those days when we have to make wine of our own just to have it on our dining table. Now, with just trip to the supermarket or even the convenience store would give us everything we need in our everyday lives. Easier? Yes. But at what cost.

The price we have to pay for this is the degradation of our environment. Whether we fully grasp the impact of the modernization to the environment or not, it doesn’t matter. The result is the same: Trees being cut down to produce furniture and other household products; Mountains are being leveled just for another metal or diamonds to be placed on our jewelry; Air is getting more polluted every day to make way for these factories who give us the ‘instant’ convenience in our lives. What more, we are not aware of it until the worse has come. We are not even conscious that we have been a victim of the ‘newly improved food’ that impacts our health negatively.

Earth Sheltered is dedicated to combating the negative effects of modernization in our own little way – starting from our homes. We may not be aware of it but with little conscious actions on our part, we can totally make a difference.

For instance, we can start by segregating and recycling. By separating those biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash you have, you can determine what among them can be used again. This not only saves you the money from buying products you can get from recycling but also lessen the amount of trash we dispose of in the landfill. You can even earn money from them if you sell as bulk to some companies. You can keep them in your garage in the meantime. Just ensure that your garage door springs are well intact to prevent the wind from scattering them.

You can also start doing away with plastic materials. These are among the advocacies many are trying to push these days. For one, plastic products are the number one cause of environmental degradation. You should think about this the next time you buy that mineral water from the convenience store. Instead of using plastic in grocery shopping, try paper bags or eco-friendly bags. Instead of plastic straws for your drink, why not invest in personal straws that are not disposable? When you go to your favorite coffee shops, bring your own traveling mugs and tumblers than getting their take-out cups.

For home use, you can forget about products that are high sources of Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Among these are aerosols and hair sprays. Appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators have high amounts of CFC as well, especially the old ones. If you buy a more eco-friendly one, the better. Planting trees can help too. While you are at it, you can also think about investing in a more natural source of power such as solar panels.

If everyone will have the initiative to start going Green, the world would be a better place. So let us all start today.

Watermelon Pickles. APRIL 19

On my to-do list: Make watermelon pickles! I didn’t grow any watermelon in my garden this year. But I was reminded about the pickles just yesterday so I went to my sisters to hunt down the recipe. Thankfully, my sister Melissa had it pretty handy. I thought I would post it here for posterity and I will add some pictures when I get an opportunity to give it a whirl.
This is my grandma, Mary Hermenitt’s, recipe…

Watermelon Pickles

2 lbs of watermelon rind (7 Cups cut)
2 Cups Vinegar
2 Cups Water
4 Cups Sugar
1 stick Cinnamon
1 tsp. Whole Cloves
1 tsp. Whole Allspice
1 Lemon, sliced thin
Plus salt for brine as described below

Pare rind and remove all pink (I think this means to take off any pink and any of the dark green on the outside)
Sour rind overnight in brine made by dissolving 1/4 cup salt in each quart of water.
Drain and wash in fresh water and drain again.
Cook rind in fresh water until tender.
Combine remaining ingredients and boil together 5 minutes. Add rind a few pieces at a time and cook until rind is transparent.
Pack rind in hot sterilized glass jars, cover with boiling syrup and seal.
Have you made watermelon pickles before? Do you have any other odd pickle recipes? Post them in the comments!

The 2013 summer vegetable garden season is wrapping up. Mine was…. not a huge success. I learned a lot though.
We began the project by producing a 3 foot by 16 foot boxes. We used 1x6x8s and attached them together with these metal plates that were left in our barn when we moved in. In retrospect, I should have used 2x6s as these are pretty flexible and needed extra support, which means more money anyway.
Boxes were lined with cardboard and then some kitchen scraps and composting leaves from the wood-line.
I was going for the lasagna gardening method so I layered cardboard at the bottom of the boxes to act as a weed block. I then put a few inches of food scraps and old leaves out of the wood-line. Then I filled the boxes with garden soil from the local landscape supplier. It was their premium mix. Oh, and we placed some soaker hose in the dirt. I thought maybe it would make them last longer as I have been told they aren’t worth using. What I found was that any line that was outside the box became brittle and I abandoned that water method, but not quick enough. Hence, a slow garden.
It was well into June, maybe even almost the end of June when it was obvious that my garden wasn’t keeping up with my peers’. I added compost and it helped. I changed watering methods and it helped a lot! So, I think I just under watered.


Welcome to the Earth Sheltered Site! This may be a personal site for everyone, but my main goal is to inform and give people some information on earth sheltering that they may be missing!

If you want to correct me in some information I included here, feel free to do so. I make this a freedom blog for everyone. After all, many heads are better than one. I am also the first to admit that I do not know everything, and what little I do know is simply based on my experience and my reading about the subject. But what is true is that I love the earth sheltering.


I am Michelle, the author of this blog. Basically, this blog started because I am obsessed with earth sheltering and I am constantly googling it, looking for current projects and current information. I want a place to store it all for my use later (selfish, right?), and with the good things it brought me, I want to share it with everyone in case they want to consider it too (haha! Got you there!).

Why do I want to build an earth sheltered home? Being surrounded by earth makes heating and cooling much easier. My plan includes finished concrete floors and at least 2 concrete walls (north and west). The concrete creates thermal mass which allows the temperature inside the home to stay more stable and not swing as fast. I plan to even extend this concept to garages in case people want to use it as an additional living space. We had new ones installed by our local Las Vegas garage door service that are insulated and weather-stripped, homes could be protected from too much heat and cold – thus a more regulated temperature. Such garage doors are common already in Tempe, Tucson, and Chandler, Arizona.


This last summer, we went without central air (the first time since I was a child) and we survived. We did use a small unit in our bedroom for the nights so we could sleep well, but overall, it was only really hot a few weeks of the summer. I spent a lot of time in the basement with no problem. Especially that the location of our home is on top of a hill with zero shade (though we get a good cross breeze) we did pretty well. We don’t have great overhangs on our south side but with the use of some thermal drapes, the heat pretty much stayed at bay. With the proper planning next time, the summer should be no problem!

But what about the winter? The earth’s temperature stays in the 50s year-round. Plus with the 2 or 3 sides of the house, there is less contact for wind to penetrate the house. Throw in some hydronic radiant floor heating, I hope to stay cozy without using much energy. Plus, with a really well-insulated home, and a small floor plan, I hope we can produce some of our own heat off of appliances and bodies. I don’t know if we are the wood chopping type, so as of now, I have zero plans for a wood stove, but that would be another option. Oh, and let’s not forget about passive solar! This time my home will be oriented correctly and have most of its windows (if not all) on the south side of the home.

I’m not looking to go off the grid. I am not looking to be completely self-sustainable. (Although I greatly admire those that do both!) But there is no reason to not take energy savings into consideration on my next build. I also want a home that is built to last for generations, not just past the structural warranty! Mechanically, I want it as simple as possible.