New Project: The Hybrid Earth Shelter Project

by Admin | September 10th, 2013

Well, did I have an amazing surprise in my inbox this morning! Adam Bearup, who you would know from Earth Shelter Project Michigan, emailed me with one of his current projects that he knew I would be interested in. From his email, “I designed this project and is designed for flat terrain. The attached pictures show the ground level which will be bermed on 3 sides. There will be an upper floor on this project which is not bermed. There are several configurations available with this design. This house is all ICF with a SIP roof.”

The Hybrid Earth Shelter Project

The home’s 1st level be bermed on 3 sides. There will be an upper floor on this project which is not bermed.

I look forward to seeing more as this build progresses. Adam has assured me that I will be updated with pictures and more information along the way.

Do you have any questions I could pass on to Adam about this project? Post them in the comments section and I will get them answered.

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  1. I’m so excited. My husband and built our own hybrid earth-sheltered home in 1987. It looks a lot like this one (the hybrid earth shelter project) except there is no upper floor. bermed on three sides and half the roof is earth-covered. Now we are thinking of selling and moving south. I thought it would be hard to find a realtor or a buyer for this one, but you have given me new hope. We are doing some renovations, but I would love to snd pics when it’s complete. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SITE. LOVE IT!!

  2. Michelle, your “contact us” page is not functioning and I have not had success in finding a way to learn ways to find earth-sheltered homes within reasonable commute of Dallas/Plano, Texas.
    You help and assistance will be appreciated.

    Neal Ostler
    cell: (801) 541-4167

    • Thanks for letting me know. I will check on it. As far as finding earth shelter homes in your area, gosh, I would say to watch craigslist. Another tip would be to search survival homes. This site: for example has had some underground or earth sheltered homes listed before. I hope that helps and good luck with your search!

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