About Us

Earth Sheltered realizes the importance of having a cleaner and greener environment. As we promote cleanliness and concern for the nature, we also promote convenience and high-quality services which will benefit not only our consumers but the environment as well. Earth Sheltered is dedicated in providing sufficient knowledge and information for our readers to enjoy an environmental-friendly home. Aside from preserving the beauty and cleanliness of the environment, we also want to raise awareness among our readers about energy saving.

Earthsheltered.org aims to be a one-stop online media source of different topics and articles about earth sheltering, its benefits and its process. The website is also designed to be a friendly platform for our subscribers. Earth Sheltered delivers relevant and related news and stories about how successful people are in either doing earth sheltering a business or a cause. It has been in continuous partnership with different companies which have environmentalist perception.

Earth Sheltered does not only provide the most efficient and effective way of earth sheltering but we also consider style and elegance. We want to assure our readers that they can maximize the use of this website by gaining every piece of advice we can offer them regarding turning their homes into an environment-friendly one.

Earth Sheltered is trying to expand its connection by reaching out to a wide array of readers who are not only interested in turning their homes an eco-friendly one but those who want to raise the awareness about the importance of having a safe and clean environment.