About The Author

I am Michelle as you already know. My husband and I have two boys, which we homeschool. My oldest has type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, epilepsy (to name a few), but he is the quietest, sweetest son, even as a teenager. My youngest son has a wicked sense of humor and can never promise to stay out of trouble.
We own our own business which we really enjoy. This is related to web and graphic development where me and my husband head the operation aspect. We are very hands-on with our family and our business. But our priority is always meeting the needs of our kids.

I have a love for sustainable living, especially sustainable building. I want to go back to the basics. We are currently living in a modular home that we put on a basement (modular, not manufactured-though the difference is mainly what code it was built to) 12 years ago. We were very young and we thought this was a great plan. We had 5 acres we purchased from my husband’s grandfather. We placed our home on our land based on how we wanted it to look. By chance, our large living room windows happen to face somewhat south.

Our home is somehow perfect already as it is, with us living comfortably together and watching out for each other. But if we have anything we want to change, the list is as follows:

We wish we had put our bedroom in the basement. We love the cooler temperature and we love the quiet and safety felt during thunderstorms.
I want to see my home come together next time. I want to know exactly how it is insulated. I want to see all the windows go in to know they were properly sealed from any air infiltration.

I don’t need a huge master bathroom! I could care less about having a bath tub and I think that our bathroom is way too big. To me, it is a waste of space! I don’t even need 2 bathrooms. A bath and a half would be nice, but we could easily have just one bathroom. We basically only use one anyway, why clean two?!

I wish my children’s bedrooms were closer to mine. My father always desired to have the bedrooms opposite from the master bedroom. As a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes and epilepsy, I can’t have my children’s bedrooms close enough.

I would avoid carpeting.
I would avoid forced air.
I would put my money into quality windows.

Too much? Nah, we are just starting. We hope to finish addressing all of these concerns in the near future. We are on the process but it is still a long way to go. But one thing is for sure, I will turn it into an earth sheltered home.